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law tutoring

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You do not understand your module content:

We make law easy! You can not survive legal studies without a good understanding of the content that you are being taught. We can help you to simplify complex law, understand the cases and bring your knowledge up to a first class standard.


You are struggling to meet deadlines:

Everyone feels under pressure with their legal studies. We offer help to engage better with your topics and ensure that you are able to boost your marks in your assessments.


You need revision help:

A law tutor is invaluable to help prepare valuable revision notes, test your knowledge and ensure that you have covered all topics within your module to prepare for assessments.

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law tutoring

1-on-1 Virtual Tutoring

Learn all of your content in an easily understood way with one of our tutors. We use any online video call platform and can explain your module content in a way that helps you to grasp difficult concepts instantly!

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Offline Help

Receive topic guides and revision notes with simple explanations and diagrams that will instantly help your knowledge and understanding. Get practice essays marked with in-depth feedback and corrections.

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