Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

We provide full coaching and interview preparation with former City lawyers for vacation scheme and training contract interviews. Our interview preparation involves creating a series of mock interviews to prepare you for competency-based questions and we also have a series of bespoke commercial awareness case studies that we use to train our clients for assessment centres.

Our advisers can:

  • Advise you on common law interview questions.
  • Help you to develop the ability to answer questions under pressure.
  • Develop your commercial awareness by providing you with a series of commercial awareness case studies.
  • Highlight areas of interview weakness and provide guidance on how you can improve.

Commercial Awareness Case Studies

We have our own commercial awareness case studies which we use to train anyone applying to commercial law firms. When you arrive at the tuition centre, you will be given a case study and then you will be given about 20 minutes to read through it and prepare for a discussion about it.

You will then discuss your ideas with your interview coach (a former City lawyer) who will then provide you with feedback and discuss how you can improve. Having training for commercial awareness is a great way for you to prepare for assessment centres and to learn more about business and the impact that the law has on businesses. If there are any commercial terms that you are unsure about, you can ask your interview coach to explain them to you.

Mock Interviews

When attending a law firm interview, you are often asked competency-based questions, questions about your application and also questions about your motivation for a career in the law. We provide mock interviews to our clients to give them an insight into law firm interviews and the mock interview is designed to put you under pressure and see how you respond when asked challenging questions.

Your interview coach will ask you questions and then provide you with feedback about how you can improve your answers. Clients have found that our interview coaching is a very useful way for them to prepare for the real interview and have found the feedback element particularly useful.