Support & Tuition For LPC

How Will Our LPC Tutors Help?

The Legal Practice Course (LPC) is the vocational stage of education for becoming a solicitor in England and Wales. The focus of the LPC is on developing the knowledge and practical skills for professional practice. Our LPC tutors can assist at our tuition centre in London or teach you via Skype.

What Subjects Do The LPC Tutors Teach?

Our LPC tutors provide tuition in a variety of different modules and this includes:

  • The compulsory modules (stage one).
  • Elective modules (stage two).
  • The skills modules.

We have extensive experience in providing tuition in modules such as:

  • Business law and practice.
  • Criminal litigation.
  • Civil litigation.
  • Property law and practice.

In addition, we also teach a large selection of non-compulsory LPC modules such as:

  • Employment law.
  • Public companies.
  • Debt and equity finance.

How Will The Lessons Be Structured?

If you are struggling to understand the theory, the tutors can explain it to you in an easy-to-understand way. In addition, the tutors can also provide tuition in the practical skills element of the LPC and provide support to students struggling with interviewing or advocacy. For example, if you are struggling with advocacy, our tutors can guide you through the process and have mock advocacy assessments with you. The tutors will work completely around you and target their advice in a way that will help you to succeed.