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Law CV Advice

Why do I need a good legal CV?

An excellent law CV is your gateway to getting interviews at law firms. A law firm will look at your legal CV and quickly use it to determine whether to offer you an interview. It is important to remember that your legal CV is a marketing document and you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

How is our advice structured?

Writing a legal CV can be a challenging process with lots of conflicting resources about how you should structure it. Having your legal CV reviewed and receiving advice from experts can maximise your chance of being offered an interview – the perspective of someone with experience in the legal industry can be invaluable.

Our advisers are familiar with the legal sector and know the key words, skills and attributes that are needed to help you to stand out from other applicants.

What is the process?

The process begins by having a one-to-one consultation with you to discuss your previous experience and your aims and objectives for the future. We will assess what experience can be used from the past to demonstrate the skills needed when applying for a job in the legal sector. Your adviser will then provide guidance to you on how to improve your legal CV by going through each point in detail with you.