Online law tuition

The Growth Of Online Law Tuition

Introduction: The Growth Of Online Law Tuition

With the huge increase in e-learning over the past few years and the emergence of numerous online education platforms, our online law tuition has enabled people around the world to benefit from private tutors. According to a report by London & Partners, the global education technology sector was worth about $165 billion in 2015 and it is estimated that it will grow to $243.8 billion by 2020 so it is evident that online learning is a huge industry and millions of students around the world are benefiting from it.

As digital technology influences more and more aspects of our lives, e-learning will become even more important over the next few years. Traditionally, private law tuition has taken place in-person and if someone wanted to have a law tutor, they would have to meet at a mutually convenient location. However, video conferencing and communication software such as Skype has completely changed the private tuition industry. Clients now have the option to learn online and functions such as screen-sharing makes online law tuition interesting and interactive.

How We Use Skype For Online Law Tuition

With more than 300 million monthly active users of Skype, our tutors have found that online law tuition via Skype has been the most convenient way to deliver high-quality private law tuition to clients outside London. If clients do not have a Skype account, it is easy for them to set one up and they will then be able to have law tuition from the comfort of their own home. Whilst numerous other e-learning platforms do exist, Skype has been the preferred choice of clients and tutors for online law tuition.

The process for Skype law tuition is very straightforward and once an introduction is made to a law tutor, the tutor will exchange Skype details with the client and then arrange a time and date for the first session. Skype is a very easy platform to use and the sheer number of people with accounts means that most of our clients and tutors already have an account registered and it is quick and easy to have classes.

Where Are Our Clients Located?

We have clients around the world and as many university degrees can be studied through distance learning, we have been able to provide support to clients whilst they have studied a degree remotely. In addition, for many of our international students who come into the tuition centre to learn, we have been able to continue to provide them with law tuition when they return home during their university holidays. We have provided law tuition in a wide variety of different countries and examples include France, Italy, Russia, the UAE, India and Nigeria.

We are seeing increasing demand from students located at universities outside London and whilst they have the choice to come and learn at our state-of-the-art tuition centre in King’s Cross, many clients are choosing to learn online as they feel that it is more convenient and cost-effective than travelling to London.

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